Active characters from roleplay Picture

eue some might rigth away wonder why no one of them is overweight.... mostly because they all run around active as hell or are demons (which would need to consume LOTS of meat to get overweight, ) I havent drawn constantine in here yet because hes not active in the roleplay, BUT HES HUGe xD <3 He makes up for it.

NOW that that is out of the way ZOMG NAKID DOODLE of CHARACTERS

So me and ~SinCommonStitches Are doing a roleplay which we have been doing for over 6 years now xD same world. Just thought I wanted to share this with you haha and short info about each for those intrested.

Top row - Chaos Pack

Fukana - Necromancer, uses her powers to create life out of dead things. Loves nature and animals.
Lance - He is the alpha leader in the Chaos pack together with Sin (that belongs to ~SinCommonStitches Hes a demon, his powers are slightly unknown still.
Mia - Voodo priestess, very ladylike loves getting pampered.
Rafael - Happy bi boobloving guy. He is a Incubus.
Argus - Ravens brother, was a great keeper of a prison, he is also Argus Panoptes from greek mythology, all stories there came from his past actions.
Annikin - Nymph daughter, she steals peoples life essence and is a water spirit.
Erie - Slave demon from hell given a new life on earth.
Jenny - Not yet in the story

Middle row - Hell

Mary - Used to live with the Chaos pack, but after loosing all her babies giving birth she lives with ryg and his family. No one knows much about her.
Raven - Also called Agni, he is the god of fire, came to earth from a dimension to live a normal life.
Carina - Vampire (william turned her ) Nearly died in a fire, but surrvived, she is now marked by stan (satan) to be his mate.
Ryg - RYG BABY BOOM MAN. He has 8 kids xD Took over Lilliths Title and is now lord of limbo.

NOFACE- She doesnt belong anywere, shes a windspirit ( can shapeshift into stuff (

Bottom row - Vita Facillities (Renamed lawl xD )

William - old vampire dude, gets his ass in trouble all day long.
Finch - Maintance clean man, he cleans up the lab and makes sure all their things are delivered and fixed.
Tina - Pure energy warrior, only one can live at a time, she is now married to Lucifer.
Ishillishii - Witch, very positive and loving, and loves plants and herbs and dancing.
Kristoffer - Nerd nerd nerd nerd super weak hes a doctor and a scientist. He is a demon, but he has shut it of.
Mike - Tiny mucle man, Hes the boss of the facilities ordering everyone around and a workaholic.
Rasmus - Werewolf, the kind that cant frigging control themselves during fullmoon and has to be locked up. He is currently sick. Hes usually very kind and understanding.
Sunami - Doctor and peopleperson. Very rich. she has a crush on Kristoffer(they went to medschool together) and vice versa lawlawlawl *U*

Im pretty sure I could write pages on pages about each of them haha but xD that would be TO LONG.
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