OC 1: Orpheus Picture

The best known aoidos in Hellenic ancient world, one of the Argonauts, who was able to move physically objects using only the power of music.

In my fic his the major masochist, so I like him even more. Heterosexual, strictly. Herc the rest met him during this all Argo course. When Herc with Theseus needed to move out the wetter from Saronic Gulf they went to ask him for help and found him in the midst of committing a suicide after the loss of Eurydice. He was just bleeding after cutting his veins, so guys have no problem with rescuing him ( Orpheus had stated this way of suicide looked cool).
He finally help them so the could go into and examine the cave, which was normally under the water. When they came back they found Orpheus corpse and soul of Euridice crying beside.

OK, fellas, I stated that every time I draw an OC it turns out to look different than on the previous picture, what is extremely annoying . I decided to make a series of pictures so that on each one there would be a few images of chosen OC. I hope looking at this in the future would help me draw them in the same way every time in a future.

Herc belongs to Disney
Orpheus and Eurydice belong to me.
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