.Swamp dragon. Picture

This is what I've been up to the last two weeks or so xD FINALLY tried to do my own background for a change...I don't know, I like it x3 hehe
Tried a new way of coloring, shading etc. -> basically something new ^^ tell me how it looks x3
This is supposed to be the Ljubljana dragon (that's why it's such a green-like color xD) wanted to draw something for Ilustrarium (something from Slovene mythology as in anime-style) - but turns out this dragon came out more realistic looking ^^ so i won't be entering it xD
Poor horsie D: and the dude there is supposed to be Jazon the argonaut? I guess...had something to do with the Lj dragon, supposingly he killed it xD but ohwell xD I'd much rather the dragon just ate him or something xD
ALSO SAI can be such a pain in the butt, the background here is my second try, the first one I did was "saved" or at least SAI claimed so, but in the end it didn't save it, so I had to go and make another one...but ohwell, I like this one better anyway xDD

Okay enough now, Mashy out. hehe
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