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Associated with 'Usako' idea for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, these are the men behind the Senshi. This is a sketch I cooked up because I wanted to see what they looked like together, especially my OCs. If you dare to read the info, I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

The following info is complete gobble di gook, so bear with me. I'm speaking off the top of my head, gathering the many ideas I've been toying with.

Chiba Mamoru
We all know this guy. He is now a respected surgeon, world respected for innovation and the charity organisation, 'Crystal Earth', which he created with Usagi. Crystal Earth is just as concerned with wellfare of the heart and soul, as it is the phycial state.

It developed from Usagi's volunteer work with several organisations, or more to the point, her need for meddling. She soon had people specifically calling for her, and in the end Mamoru said she might as well do things her way.

Mamoru and Usagi don't get to spend nearly as much time at home as they'd like, but Chibiusa is never far from their heart, and they always let her know. Before they leave for a trip, Usagi always bakes a tray of cookies, one for each day they will be away. Within each cookie is a piece of paper with either advice, a joke, a personal message or a mother's threat.

Artemis takes human form after he is bathed in the light of Usako's silver crystal. He appears to be around 12 or 13, and considered 'cute'. Like Luna, he is easily distracted. The crystal changed his form so he could protect Luna and Diana. Luna had been struggling with feelings of jealousy over his interest in the mysterious grey kitty girl. He was innocently drawn to her, not romantically, but for some other reason he couldn't quite place. In any case, he reasoned she must've linked with Elegant Kamen.

Luna and Artemis marry when Luna's human form is about 18. They move next door to Usagi and Mamoru, becoming key figures within Crystal Earth. When 'Helios' sends the new senshi's parents into slumber, the cats are bipassed, Helios not realising who they are. The two are contacted by Queen Serenity, who inform them of the Dark Moon's plans in the past, and a way for the current Senshi to travel back in time. Diana overheard the conversation, and in plush form, snuck inside Usako's bag so she can help, not realising Usako desire to go it alone.

Furuhata Motoki
He acts as business manager of Makoto's florist boutique, allowing her to concentrate on her creations. His gentle kindness led him to hire the mysterious 'Chi' as a shop assistant. When Usako realised her interview was going horribly, she pretended to just love tortoises, and called back every fact she could remember from her tortoise loving friend, Furuhata Midori. Though she's certain that is why she was successful, she was actually hired because he sensed her desperation.

Wakahisa Saburo
A struggling actor, randomly appearing in TV ads when Usako shows up in the past. There is no hint that he is the one destined for Aino Minako. Saburo eventually makes the big time on television serials and cinema. His most noted genre is comedy. Saburo has ego problem, or more like, everyone who meets him takes issue with his ego.

His relationships rarely got far, as he never took love seriously. His manager, annoyed by his star's poor image, cooked up the rumour that he was secretly involved with Aino Minako. Rather than deny the rumour, Minako's manager thought it more profitable to keep it going and created a few rumours of their own. As for the stars, they woke up each morning to new gossip on the internet and in magazines. Sure, it royally pissed them off, but reading the more elaborate rumours became a ritual.

When the stars were done with the game, being professionals, they decided to meet, and plan their 'break up'. Instead, they found they had a lot in common and decided to be allies. Allies later turned into friends and friends into...well, you get the drift. There was never a 'break up', as they were too busy with their beginning.

Shortly after their daughter, Ai, was born, Saburo learned he had a terminal illness. Minako had overcome her own, though through supernatural means, and was always confident her egomanically man would pull through. He held on as long as he could, but surcame eight years later. His death has left Minako in shock, and Ai, heartbroken.

Jason Waters
An American doctor and biological researcher, Jason is the husband of Mizuno Ami. I named him Jason to keep with the theme of Greek mythology, with Jason of the Argonauts, to associate him with water.

Jason was a colleague of Ami's when she first began overseas studies. He kept to himself, conducting experiments and never made eye contact with anyone. He was considered creepy and rude, Ami wasn't sure what to make of his behaviour. In truth he was deathly shy of people, plagued with phobias, hyperventilating whenever he did make eye contact with anyone.

Though his case was extreme, she knew how he felt and, channelling Usagi, went out of her way to make sure he knew he could depend on her. In fact, when she left for Japan to help Makoto with her wedding and Usagi prepare for her baby, she left a contact with Jason so he could whenever he was feeling anxious...which was always. Usako would smile to herself as she'd overhear Ami trying to calm a person down, knowing it was Ami's special friend.

Jason worked very hard to deal with his phobias, determined that the day he could someone, anyone, in the eye, he would tell Ami of his love. When the day did come, it came out all wrong, but Ami got the jist and returned his feelings. Their wedding a year after Makoto's. Their daughter, Amelia, is a brash, confident one knows where she inherited it and conclude she's a genetic freak.

Kumada Yuuichirou
Yuuichirou was raised to inherit his father's company. He lived a life planned out to the tee, recieving the best education and luxury. As his father began to delegate duties, it became too much for him and he ran away from home, determined to find the meaning of life.

He hopped from job to job, living in crappy apartments and eventually the street. The self styled ronin found his way to the Hikawa shrine, where he collapsed on the hill's stairs, with nothing but a sleeping bag, token sanitary items and a dried food. Rei was shocked to discover the scruffy young man on the stairs, and furious when he wouldn't budge. As their eyes locked, Yuuichirou, inspired by her fire, begged to be her disciple. Naturally she left him there to rot and told patrons to ignore him. Rei would sweep around him and refuse to speak to him.

He wasn't going away. She offered him a fortnight's employment if he agreed to leave. Yuuichirou proved useful, in a pet dog sort of way. He was vexing, especially as he showed no fear, but also sweet, his loud antics popular with children and adults. He left as agreed, returning to his father's company. Yuuchirou never learnt the meaning of life, but he did learn from Rei's straightforward spirit, and told his father he did not want be a businessman or inherit the company.

With that off his chest, he returned to Rei, dressed in a suit, and asked to be reemployed. She refused, and he returned to the stairs. When his hair and clothes returned to a messy, crumpled state, Rei was satisfied he could return to his duties. Yuuichirou now devotes his time between caring for the shrine and a career as high school teacher, specialising in business studies. He has found meaning in life through the love he shares with his fiery wife, and their precocious twin girls, Reiko and Reika.

When Usako travels to the past, Yuuichirou is enjoying his first camp out on the shrine stairs. She encounters him when she is sent to deliver a package to Rei, and notes how he hasn't really changed from his youth.
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