Austronesia Hetalia OCs : TATTOO Picture

From left to right : Asmat (Papua), Yolngu (Marege), Nagamiufa (PNG), Yap (Ulithi), Mugaba (Solomon Islands), Dayak (Kalimantan), Maori (Aotearoa), Pintados (Visayas), Iban (Brunei), Iban (Sarawak).

The picture above depicts Austronesia, a language and culture umbrella of Melanesian and Austronesian in Oceania and South East Asia.

Tatu means Tattoo. It's a word in Austronesia language origin before adapted into English as "Tattoo".
This is picture is more like a compilation of some of the tattoos found in the Austronesia region. There're a lot more including in Taiwan, Cambodia, Madagascar, Samoa, Nauru, etc. You can see many tattoo designs share similarities among Austronesia region. From ASEAN to OCEANIA. Well, we are Austronesia family after all
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