Vela the sails Picture

name: Vela
totem: the Sails
age: n/a
sex: n/a
physical age:
Eyes: lime green
Hair: cream
shirt: blue sailor outfit with yellow strips and a dark blue undershirt
shoes: short blue boots and long blue socks with yellow strips
Other: curl on his left side of the head and sailor hat on his right side of his head

Natural abilities:
making vela's part of the argo navis ship
good at sailing
Wind Generation - Generate wind

Other info:
vela has 2 other sibling's there triplets they represent the Argo navis ship but the Argo navis ship constellation got spit into 3 constellations Carina (the keel, or the hull, of the ship), Puppis (the poop deck, or stern), Vela (the sails). Agro navis is carina, puppis, and vela grandfather and before he died he gave them his powers and they became constellations. one of them is a girl and the others are boys but nobody knows what is what cause they wont say. there "human" names are called vella=jay carina=Jim puppis=Joe they all act male and have "human" male names but one is female they get it cause they where around there grandfather allot. people say pyxis is the forth sibling but nobody knows not even them only the grandfather knows but vella, carina, puppis and pyxis don't know about that story.


Argo Navis was one of the 48 classical constellations listed by the 2nd century astronomer Ptolemy, and represented the ship Argo, used by Jason and the Argonauts on their quest for the Golden Fleece in Greek mythology. German cartographer Johann Bayer depicted the constellation on his Uranometria of 1603, and gave the stars Bayer designations from Alpha to Omega. However, his chart was inaccurate as the constellation was not visible from the Northern Hemisphere.

Argo was more accurately charted and subdivided in 1752 by the French astronomer Nicolas Louis de Lacaille, forming Carina, Vela, Puppis and Pyxis. Despite the division, Lacaille kept Argo's Bayer designations. Therefore Carina has the Alpha, Beta and Epsilon, Vela has Gamma and Delta, and Puppis has Zeta, and so on.

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