2012 Medea Portrait Picture

I was hoping to finish up and upload some more elaborate illustrations this week, but time got away from me again, and instead I'm showcasing this simple portrait that I've had from recent storage (early January, 2012)

But than again, I am committed to doing weekly art updates, and I DO mean it this time too!

This is of course my version of Medea, the voluptuous sorceress and 'anti-heroine' of the classic Greek tales of Jason and the Argonauts.

The design and character was also featured in my 2008 comic short "The Life and Death of Talos the Bronze", which is now out-of-print...though I am taking great measures to rectify this, and very, VERY soon.


Laugh with me! Laugh with me!


You can read more about my Medea, and the context which she was originally created for, in the following image link:

Medea Designs by *Enshohma, Nov 12, 2008 in Traditional Art > Drawings > Illustration > Conceptual" super_img="http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs39/f/2008/316/9/8/Medea_Designs_by_Enshohma.jpg" super_w="672" super_h="700">
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