Talos Picture

Hey all, this is the final image i submitted to a CGNZ competition to redesign on of the Jason and the Argonauts characters. I Chose Talos and decided that i would change things up a bit story wise in that the greek Gods of old were actually Aliens. Therefore their 'Mystical' powers were just their extremely advanced technology. So to visually impose the idea of thier dominance they made the mighty flippin huge Talos..

Here is a quick work up of the piece..

Now i would have like to get more done but i suppose thats always the way.. the little green things at the bottom are the lamps from jason and his crew (yes i know Talos is huge)..

Finally i would like to dedicate this to my Grandfather Karl Balzer who passes away recently. He was my biggest influence as a young artist and i would not have been who i am today if it wasn't for him.
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