All His Faith ::Story:: Picture

Chapter One:
My eyes opened as I became awake and aware instantly that I was within my own room, I looked around and found it a fairly large room, but despite its large size, it felt so cramped in family constantly call me Nike, the name of my Sengheili brother who died during a battle against the name is Nessus and I'm not anything like my brother, our parents were tasked with the study of humans to figure out a way to find there homeworld and managed to capture some data based on there mythology of there planet, which they kept hidden even in there history texts, but me and my brother were named after something called Greek mythology....Nike being named after a false human god of victory and I was named after a beast that was killed by a human that in-turn was killed by the blood of this creature, I was named after a...beast, shows how much my parents truly cared about me more then my brother.

I got up from my bed and god dressed in a lower robe as I walked farther into my home to find my parents eating, I avoided talking to them because they would just call me my dead brothers name, and I hated him for being such the favorite even in death....I didn't even bother getting anything to eat because I had my mind set on one thing...join the military and finally be free of my wretched parents!

I exited the door, my parents not even bothering to wonder were I was going and that was good, better to never see them again. Our home was placed on top of a tall mountain that lead down to another city, which was a Sengheili space port that could take me to High Charity, which has a training facility, that would take me far away from my home and my parents and I pray to the gods that no one mentions my brother...

Chapter Two:
~Five years later: After Battle of Arcadia and Loss of Unknown Shield World~

Gods, five years since I came here to High Charity and I progressed to Special Ops quickly, which I loved because it gave me access to plenty of weapons I simply love such as the energy gauntlet daggers, beam rifles and stealth tech.
We had already been on a mission to search for a Brute and Sengheili that apparently got together and produced a child somehow, which I saw to not be a problem, believing that if someone was in love deeply, then they should be aloud to be bonded to one another, but I couldn't question orders...sadly.

We couldn't find any trace of them what so ever so the Prophet of Truth just gave up on the search for the two, and I couldn't help but sigh with relief, being happy for the pair and there child. But forgetting all that, it was time to get ready for another mission to another human world, I had already forgotten the name but names of worlds didn't matter, what did matter was a Sengheili ship, Blood Hunter, had crashed and had sent a distress beacon, which was foolish cause of the fact High Charity could have been found, so the Prophet of Truth, who had given me blessing for my quick climb in rank, which suprised me greatly and brought me great honor.

~More will be put in later~
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