Dark deus machina watch the last scenario Picture

This varanus 's scenario end. And this togo mimori, onwed by takahiro. Togo mimori going arcadia in crossing the abyss But look out! fallen eligor. Togo mimori is not have demons and started the escaping and fall in cryng. but anubis summoning Ym & power defeating eligor the goetic demon knight and eligor become anubis 's demon. and anubis this say how "I become togo mimori fan!" And togo mimori happy how anubis is lie and OFF!. Now this dark deus machina off the Tv. and this ask how "now your how like?" But I'don't please jelaousy comment.

Dark deus machina: How like?

Remus: blehhh, too romantic, I don't like the romantic!

Chupacabra: hahahahhhhaahh!!! Ym.... haha!

Garuda waira: Fan? Now want togo mimori 's fan!

Asura rangda: *burn* We're the five heresy barbarian.

Dark deus machina: Now We are like, excep remus.

Ym is a giant from the norse mythology, but I had played the shin megami tensei when I saw Ym in the dragon-race and I know how a dragon in the hebrew myth, and now I say Ym giant or dragon? Hahahahahaha!!!!

Disclaimer: I don't yuuki yuna or Shin megami tensei. excep Dark deus.

Togo mimori onwed by takahiro.
Dark deus machina onwed by me.
Ym, power, eligor from the shin megami tensei onwed by kazuma kaneko and atlus.
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