Lykeus of Arkydia Picture

Was watching an episode of Terry Jones' Barbarians earlier which was on the Greeks and Persians and decided to do an anthro in hopalite-like armour. I really like how this has come out, and when I have time, I think I may colour this and make such additions as detailing the armour.

The name is kinda ripped from Greek mythology. Lyceus was the house of Lycaon (a Greek king who Zeus turned into a wolf when he served his son as a sacrifice to Zeus) and Arcadia was the region which he was king of, and also has conections to werewolf myths in that there was lake that if swam across turned a man into a wolf and that on one of it's mountains a festival was held every nine years where one of the atendees was turned into a wolf for nine years.

Part of the idea for this was fan art for SotDL (The Shadow of the Dog Lord and all places, characters, events associated are copyright
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