Lycaon Kekwan Picture last, my closet obsession with Homestuck has reared its ugly head.

Yes, I made a fantroll.

And because I am nerdy, I did RESEARCH for him. Pff.

Also decided to put the text where it belongs rather than in the picture. So here it is:

Your name is LYCAON KEKWAN. You are the PRINCE OF RAGE and your planet is THE LAND OF TEETH AND DARKNESS.

You are interested in several things, such as STRATEGIC WAR GAMES, HORROR FLICKS, and COLLECTING TROPHIES. You are a SELF-PROCLAIMED EXPERT on the LOCAL FAUNA, but that just means you like KILLING THEM. You excel at COOKING for some reason, and you like to PICK FIGHTS WITH OTHERS.

You aspire to join the ranks of the CHEFACUTIONERS, the highest order of cooks that serve the ROYAL FAMILY THEMSELVES.

Age: 7 sweeps (~15-16)
Quirk: HE LikeS CapitalizinG ThE FirsT AnD LasT LetterS OF EverY WorD, OverreactS ViolentlY TowardS OtherS, AnD AlwayS PunctuateS EverY SentencE WitH ExclamatioN PointS BecausE EverythinG IS A BiG DeaL!
Constellation: Lupus
Theme: Wolf
Specibus: Forkkind (Current weapon is named MurderFork)
Planet: Land of Teeth and Darkness

Matesprit: Kaznal Taipan
Moirail: Valent Aescul
Kismesis: None yet
Auspistice: None yet for either

The constellation he represents is Lupus, the wolf, which is kinda between Libra and Scorpio, so I made his blood color exactly between those two, er... ladies.

Lycaon is from Greek mythology, it was about a king of Arcadia who was cursed by the gods for trying to feed them one of his sons. Zeus turned him into a wolf.

Kekwan is the Romanized version of the Chinese name for Beta Lupi. I chose Beta Lupi instead of Alpha Lupi(Kakkab would be the name of that and it's just ugh) because it fits the personality I picked for him. He wants to be an Alpha wolf but he's stuck being the Beta wolf instead.
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