Inspiration Map Picture

Been getting bugged to fill this out, so I FILLED IT OUT! XD

First off, Phantasy star. The setting and futuristic/steam-ish/space style of these games have always been an inspiration for me. I love the atmosphere of games and art like this. A lot of people can't stand the game, but it's one of my favorites. I still play the old PSO avidly -- DONT JUDGE ME! lol

Next is Golden Sun. The references to alchemy and mythology is what originally compelled me to try these games. I fell in love with them almost instantly, because I thought the story and way magic is styled was amazing. Also... Scarves... Don't know why, but I like to draw them. XD

Skies of Arcadia. Who doesn't like pirates? Who doesn't like pirates in OUTER SPACE? But seriously... I thought the idea of space ships and pirates was a silly idea at first, but I ended up liking it; It was whimsical and different from my usual choice in game. Later on, you meet Guilder (the dude in the picture). I had one of my "Wait a minute...!" moments when I saw him, because he looked a lot like on of my OCs. The game suddenly become more awesome after that.
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