Mythical Warriors of Sparta Picture

Meet the mighty Spartan Deadly Alliance team, Mythical Warriors of Sparta.

With 300: Rise of an Empire is released in some countries in Europe while the U.S. release is underway on March 7, I've drawn this team for the inspiration from 300 and God of War video game series. Yep, you heard me right. God of War main games release in this month of March. Did you know that March is also Mars, the Roman God of War? I know I do.
I played the only game called God of War: Chain of Olympus and beat the game on Easy mode but the hardest mode is very, VERY tough to me. Overall, God of War series is one of the most popular Playstation franchise with comics, toys, and of course adaptation for the novel book based on the first game. Now Santa Monica studio layoff-ed employees despite God of War: Ascension was a very good game, God of War remained as legend. With the PS4 is now on the market, we can hope that God of War IV will be announced very soon, that's my opinion of course. I'm sure of it. With Greek gods are out of the picture although Athena is still remain alive only in her spirit form, we'll see if he takes on the Persian Empire and their Persian Gods or he can take on any gods like Egyptians, Norse, or Romans-- oh wait, that's the counterpart of the Greek Gods. If it's a battle against Egyptian or Persian or Norse in the sequel, that will be awesome. But there's a hint while you play God of War: Ascension, there's a painting of the world shinned by the light with the texts said "When the earth stops, the journey begins..." It's more than a Easter Egg, it's a hint of God of War's future. I've checked on the internet.
We'll have to wait for the announcement once The Order: 1886 is released later this year.

Long time ago before I joined deviantArt, I created the team of Greek mythical creatures with inspirations from God of War. But when 300 was super popular at the time of 2006 and I played a shameless God of War ripoff game called Hero of Sparta, I decided to make their look of distinguished Spartan vibe with their badass attitudes like Spartans.
While I made a team of Spartan mythical warriors based on Greek mythologies, Lernado the Spartan Hydra was a broken and tragic hero and now I made hime a hardcore and serious character who loves to kill his foes with glory and without mercy. Think of it as he's like Kratos and Spartan King Leonidas.
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