Forgotten Generation 2012 sketch Picture

So, what's to expect from the Arcadia Graphic Studio and Forgotten Generation for 2012? Each character represents a project that will be either in the fanzine or on the website.

Up left: Yordi (c) Florian R. Guillon - Currently starring in the collective webcomic Le Temps Des Héros (read it here [link]) which is to continue this year so the story could be concluded. Pure superhero style with legendary features in a story that's pure fun!

Up right: Sentinel (c) Edwin Boyer - Sentinel is Edwin Boyer's comic and continues this year in Forgotten Generation 2. If you liked Alan Moore's Supreme, you'll also like Sentinel, a love letter to metacomics!

Middle left: Drak Béryl (c) Maxime Saint Michel - In the United States of Eurasia, a young superhero has to deal with his heritage and his omen while growing with superpowers. For fans of Spider-Man, Deadpool and ninja books, Drak Béryl debuts in Forgotten Generation 2!

Middle right: Venomous Girl (c) Florian R. Guillon - In the town of Demville, a missing young girl is found lying on a riverbank, with no remembrance of the past month. As she returns to normal life, she develops poison and endangers herself. Postsuperheroism prose that will be published this year!

Down left 1: Arsinoë Augsburger (c) Sophie Rumo - She's the informal leader of World Justice, and she has to gather a team to fight the growing amazon menace so that her future can never be. After a prologue published in Forgotten Generation 1, the series will return later, for fans of Justice League, Wonder Woman and mythologies!

Down left 2: Reject (c) Florian R. Guillon - He is a multiversal traveler from Multiversel, half-dead half-alive, and the persons who meet him see their destiny change and not necessarily for the better. Soon in Forgotten Generation!

Down right 1: Raphael (c) Edwin Boyer - Something strange in the neighborhood, who are you gonna call? Forget the Ghostbusters, forget John Constantine, only Raphael has the powers to deal with supernatural threats. Is it the way he chose, or was he forced to? The mystic hero will return later this year in Forgotten Generation 2!

Down right 2: Le Gorille (c) Julien Lussat - The life of Matthieu Sylvestre changed drastically when he became a collateral damage to an accident in a laboratory. But with great trauma comes great powers, and danger too. Prose superheroic fiction reminiscing of Spider-Man to be republished this year!

Front: Ewen Merrick (c) Florian R. Guillon - Starring in Dark Fates, Ewen began practicing magic and awoke mystic threats throughout the land, while trying to accomplish his mysterious goals. For Hellboy, X-Files, George Romero and David Lynch fans!

You'll find all about them (in French) here: [link]
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