Thista:Lockhaert Survivors Picture

I'm really angry I inked these >: they were much better in pencil DDDx Butche, will scrap this and upload the colored version when it's done.

The Survivors of the Lockhaert Theatre Fire are VERY important people in Thista, considering the traumatizing event that should have killed them lead the City to bless them... they are semi-immortal; only suicide, decapitation/fatally huge headshot, dismemberment, EXTREME old age and a certain chemical can kill them. Some of theme were slightly psychic before hand, and others were gifted with special abilities, for instance Chaz's previous ability to play the violin (yay for proper Asian parenting) turned into a major asset, with the ability to control people (think Devil's Fiddle, kinda) and Leon was gifted with the ability to psychicly "distract" people, allowing him to blend in easily.

I still need to develop these characters a bit more >:

A bit about the individuals and their basis:

Lisa Slate, named and based in looks/personality off of my late mother, Lisa Stinchcomb. The second "older" picture of her SUCKS D| Like I said, better before it was inked.

Leon Bennet I just drew one day, but I based his looks off of a scruffy lion plushie I've had since kidhood, Billy. I wanted his younger self to also resemble a lion, only with far LESS of a mane.

Ynigma Chameleon makes her return <: also one of my older characters, representing the "serpent" of Ireland. She has a few mythological bases, including the Amphitere, the "Mother" archetype... In Thista, she's of Pictish decent, though is freakishly tall (probably owing to mixed blood), and practices neopagan beliefs. She's the leader of the Justices, a group of modern vigilante "Knights" who punish criminals. Unlike other survivors, she has to physically concentrate on her healing, so she has scars whereas usually Survivors heal right up.

Chaz Yeng I forgot his name pre-fire >: he and his siblings changed their names after the fire. He's come through a looot of development, starting as a concept by ~Ch4ckSl4sher, and she graciously handed him over for us to work with ... he was one of the originals in starting Thista, a Chase "clone" but he's gone WAY. WAY beyond that. ~EvanaDarkenstar has done an excellent job developing him and making him a work of art as far as character creation goes. It'd take me forever to say everything about him DDD8 but Iwill say it will be DAMN fun writing him.

oh my god I finally drew AUGUSTUS MARCH 8D yes... that's a nod to that play Arcadia I love so much >> He's also based quite a bit off of my little sis, is the March Hare and the Mad hatter all-in-one(archetype-wise anyway), is mostly mute (mute like Silent Bob is mute... when he DOES say something it's epic or terribly morbid) annnnd... he is the one character that exists simultaneously in all of my worlds at once. Each "Gus" is the same gus, not a dimensional copy like other characters... kinda "omnipresance". There are lots of rumours surrounding his existance, especially in Thista... he's a bit of an urban legend, the child that never ages, and he's the nephew of Leon Bennet.
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