Ouranos Picture

Think of this as the semi-obligatory "IM NOT DED LOLOLOL" post. XD;;; I probably would've finished these by now if it wasn't for college classes kicking my ass.

So anyway, this is Ouranós (Ουρανός ), the Greek Stardroid Parthenon counterpart for Uranus. My idea with this one was to keep the bull motif as a way to keep him identifiable, but to be honest, I wasn't sure WHY he was a super-strong bull in the games. Mythologically, Ouranós is the Greek god of the skies, which was why I tried adding in wind-based weaponry. Strange, I know, but I didn't want to completely redesign him and this was what I came up with instead. He can shoot powerful blasts of wind from the small wrist- and ankle-mounted cannons, and may also use the ankle cannons in conjunction with the small wing-like structures on his back in order to fly.

Naturally, the blue parts of the color scheme were meant to reflect the new air-based powers. Some of the glyphs all over him have no particular meaning, but are strictly for decoration. (I mainly chose them because they reminded me of hieroglyphs— his stage in Mega Man V DID have an Egyptian look to it, after all.
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