Orniterra:Giant Vorval Picture

In Orniterra, the absence of mammals made ratites take all large mammal niches, in the eastern continent, Arcadia, descendants of emus took all niches that were of large lowland mammals in earth, and descendant of the andean Darwin's Rheas took the niche of mountain dwelling creatures/goat analogues.

A group of emus got particularly big and fullfilled the niches of Giraffes and Elephants, those where the Vorvals (Vorval in one of the various Arcadian languages meaning tall beast), gigantic birds as big as earth's birds have never been.

This particular species shown here, the Giant vorval (Dinodromaius gigas) was particularly enormous, they were as tall as an african elephant at the shoulder and with their long necks, surpassed many dinosaurs in tall, their behaviour was quite similar to elephants as well, they travelled and migrated in large herds, but unlike elephants, the males are the ones who make herds and the females are quite solitary, like most ratites of earth, Vorval males care for their young, while females just mate and leave the eggs for the male to incubate and care, so Vorval herds are quite of opposites to elephant herds, Patriarchal male based herds with their young, tough in most ecological aspects Giant vorvals took the niche of animals and apart what afforementioned, behaviorally their kinda similar.

The Giant Vorval is a sacred animal for the arcadians and one of their gods is a Vorval, and comparing Orniterran Arcadian mythology to Earth's, Bahvorca, the vorval god , in its mythology acts and behaves pretty much like Ganesh, the elephant god of hindu mthology, being a cult and benevolent deity that protects the plains, arcadians and vorvals
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