Lyra Klops Picture

I finally got Lyra to a stage Im happy with!!
A huge thank you to TheCraftRaccoon who designed Lyras outfit (Which I then toned down alittle <3)
I decided to step away from pastel goth/grundge and focus moreso on her cowgirl look!
I spent at least a hour sat with a wooden model doll just trying to get everything right, it was such a huge help and I'm so happy with the result! <3

Lyra Klops (17) grew up as the elders sister of two brothers, Dexter (13) and Rocky (7). Her Father (David) is a huge sports fan, and dragged this three children to every game going as they grew up. Despite her love of sports, Lyras true love lies is Science, especially Astronomy.
Lyras mother (Fern) is a biologist, however was part of an astronomy group when in uni. It was there she study's the star 'Vege', then with research (Which is listed later) she came to the name Lyra.
Lyras youngest brother, Rocky, is partly deaf, and although he can somewhat hear, Lyra and her family are fluent in sign language.

Lyra grew up in Texas, But moved to the area just in time for Dexter to begin his first high school year at Monster High.

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