Broken Inside Picture

While listening to a song over and over and over again within an entire day... things like this happen. D:

I'm such a horrible person to torment Siofra like that. OHGEESH.

In my fantasy world to where she resides in, I have it since the curse of the lycanthrope was originated from a man cursed by Zeus (King Lycaon of Arcadia), automatically the belief is that all werewolves, no matter how good they may be at heart, will still go to a hellish domain when they die. The one Siofra believes in is the one ruled by Loki's daughter Hel in Norse Mythology. In one part of my story, Siofra's heart stops from a powerful blow to the chest while still recovering from a drug forced into her system to make her heart beat rampantly. While "dead" she finds herself slowly being pulled into a large wooden door that slowly opens to ghastly monsters and ghosts of the damned. I put her over a cliff's edge here over poorly done fire.
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