Freya-priestess Picture

Another gothic-class doodle. Was supposed to be some kind of upper-class gothic woman, well, it could be, but I don't think upper-class women would be involved in textile production, which the weavingthing would be a sign of. So then I was like ''oh, she's a priestess!'' But her fashion is too late to be a goth pagan priestess, so she became a Scandinavian migration/vendel period Freya priestess! Drawing is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you gonna get.
Weaving is a powerful symbol for women some mythology, at least in greek and norse. Athena was seen as the inventor of weaving, if a remember it correctly. She was however best at it, and when Arachne was too good, Athena turned her into a spider. In norse mythology weaving is mainly connected to the Norns, who created the lifelines, much like greek Morai.

A short text about weaving wheels, I guess it's in norwegian but could be danish...

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