MK R and D - Arachne 1P Picture

Another of the new Kombatants and one of the Ancient Ones.

Arachne, the name of a woman transformed into a spider in Greek mythology. However, the Greeks got this name from a demon named Arachne, whose beauty would lure men to her and she would suck them dry of their blood and life.

She was one of the few Ancient Ones that had managed to not become sealed, although her power has become decreased drastically from what it was during the days of the One Realm.

One day, while sitting in a cave in Greece, she felt something call to her. With the cry being like a radar, she took off, following it to Outworld, where she found a unique tower. Entering this "Tower of Origins", she saw murals on the walls depicting history, and a prophecy..

"Should the forces clash and the sources of power be found, the One Being will be reformed in this pillar and the realms will begin to corrode".

Apparently, the Elder Gods had hoped to not allow this tower to be found, but due to the battle of Armageddon, their worst fears were confirmed. But Arachne didn't care. All she wanted was her master's resurrection.

With this, she sought out someone who would be a perfect avatar for the return of her master, as well as someone who would desire the powers of the universe itself... with this plan in motion, she would revive her beloved master!

Arachne is yet another example of a unique character that MK has needed. I got inspired by spiders as well as a scythe to think of the Grim Reaper. Essentially, Arachne uses hand-to-hand combat around assassionation martial arts, but she also has her spider legs and scythe to incorporate.

Some of her special moves are fun to think of, since she can, like, spit out web to trap your opponent, or to throw them down. She also utilizes her scythe in kombat, and she can also leap onto walls in walled Kombat Zones to attack from.

And as I've felt, the MK fighting games need more females, so I am glad to offer my services!
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