Athena Nike - Art by Yurichu Picture

Athena Nike is the goddess of "war to protect", courage, wisdom, and victory - among a few other purviews. In relation to Lycodrake Aptera and Marie, she is Lycodrake Aptera's mother and older sister figure.

She takes the form of an osprey-owl and mountain lion gryphon with a dog+rooster tail for several reasons. For one, I and Yurichu (currently FENNEKlNS with an L) love mythological creatures and had a ton of fun designing her. I always had in mind the osprey-owl and mountain lion part, but Yurichu was actually the inspiration for the dog+rooster tail - a nod to the style of helmet most often depicted for Athena.

Gryphons are guardian beasts in mythology - protecting treasure and heavily associated with gold. However, in Athena Nike's case her treasure is strangely both material and immaterial - the lives of those she cares for: her beloved friends, family, and the citizens of Athens and Greece.

Truly, "Athena Nike" is a blend of "Pallas" Athena and Nike. In this setting, Nike is the "lesser" form of Athena. Athena herself is a strict and caring mother with a formidable sense of justice that treats Lycodrake Aptera like a son that needs to be raised properly and motivated to do the right thing and to never enjoy fighting outside of friendly spars. A veteran of war against her blood-lust-crazy brother Ares, she is youthful in appearance but wise beyond it. Medusa and Arachne weigh heavily on her heart.

Nike, however, is more like an older sister to Lycodrake Aptera. She is rather hyper-active and loves puzzles. Compared to her "other aspect" Athena, Nike is much warmer and open about her feelings. Encouragement is her specialty - as is victory for "just and moral reasons". "A child that has yet to grow up, or a grown up that appears a child" is unnerving to some, given that Nike has taken part in many of Zeus' major battles - such as against the Titans.

The golden breastplate/chestplate she wears is the "Gorgoneion" Aegis. She has only ever shared it with her father Zeus and is a testament to Medusa - for good or ill. If there is any RPG Class or Job that Athena Nike is most like in combat, it would be Final Fantasy Paladin.

Part of her design is a huge nod to Monster Hunter's feline pseudo-wyverns, like the Nargacuga, Tigrex, and Barioth.

Athena Nike (C) Lycodrake

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