Madam Gorgon Picture

Name: Lady Hecate Gorgon

Gender: Female

Species: Witch - animal theme: hounds – power theme: time and changes

Age: 1500+ y/o, making her one of the oldest witches in existance. Appears to be in her fifties.

Sexuality: Asexual

History: Hecate was born somewhere in the 5th century, to an ancient and proud witch family known as Gorgons, as the only daughter of the family’s matriarch. At the time she was born, Shiningami’s hunt for witches was at its peek, and life was very dangerous. Her mother was killed by Shiningami’s forces when Hekere was still a very young witch, but still old enough to be considered capable of becoming the next family head in favor of her much older and experienced aunts, much to their dismay. She was quickly taken under still young Mabaa’s wing, and was taught everything a good and decent witch should know, both regarding the magic, tradition, and behavior. Once she became an admirable witch, and gained respect among her kind, she managed to get on good terms with her blood relatives. A few centuries later, Hecate decided to provide her family a heir, and thus Arachne was born. Around a century later she had another daughter, who happened to have the same animal theme as the ancestor of all Gorgon witches, Medusa Gorgon, and thus was named after her. Three centuries later, she gave birth to a third and last daughter, Shaula Gorgon. It’s unknown who is the father of her daughters, but it is hinted they do, in fact, share the same father. Hecate raised her daughters to be nothing but perfect witches, setting unbelievably high standards. It’s possible that Hecate had several male children during her life, whom she executed herself, because in the ancient witch traditions male children were viewed as weaknesses to their families, due to their lack of power, and were normally killed at birth. As she aged, Hecate began losing strength, and thus needed to take century-long naps needed for her to recover it, which in turn gave her daughters just enough space to get around doing whatever they felt like without her control.

Personality: Hecate is, before everything else, strictly loyal to the witches’ society, and believes that ancient traditions and rules should still be respected like the very day they were created. She is also very hateful towards Shinangami, his followers, and anyone affilated against her kind. She is also extremely unforgiving and indifferent towards all humans, showing a great deal of disgust towards them. Taking all this into consideration, we can say Hecate is very strict and headstrong about things she believes in. Thid old lady is very confident and dominant, and she loves being in control, and isn't afraid of using her powers to prove her point. Hecate isn't afraid of using various methods of torture in order to get others, including her own daughters, to submit to her will, which most generally includes either ordering her hundreds of shadow familiars to maul them. As the family head, Hecate believed this is the only kind of right behavior that can keep everyone under her roof in check. She can also be cruel and sadistic to anyone who doesn’t meet her standards of right behavior. She also doesn't seem to possess much kindness, especially towards her family, and isn’t afraid of showing when she’s disappointed with something, even if the said person hasn't directly caused it or can’t change it. For example, she was heavily disappointed when Medusa turned out to be unable of using any kind of indirect magic, or when Shaula didn't appear to have the same amount of magical strength as her older sisters. In the end, Hecate also has an extremely short temper and it isn't hard to set her off.

However, Hecate isn't all that horrible. Firstly, she does much less damage then any of her daughters, and doesn't really plot against Shibusen as much as she is willing to brutally defend herself, and other witches, against them. She strongly feels that Shibusen does unfairly treat witches, which is, in a way, true. Also, despite being disgusted by human kind, she doesn't really attack unless she feels there is a strong need for it. Whether her upbringing was an indirect cause for the damage her daughters did is debatable, as Hecate did try to tech them to be loyal to their community and family. She can be fairly charismatic at first, and actually friendly towards most of the other witches. For example, upon meeting Eruka Frog, she tried her best not to intimidate the girl and have a normal chat. It should be mentioned that she has much higher standards for her daughters then other witches, and that, a long as other witches aren't directly breaking the rules she has in mind for witches, she won’t go out of her way to confront them. Hecate can also be fairly protective of those she cares about, and indeed, Hecate does care deeply for her daughters as individuals even though she seemingly puts their behavior much higher on the list. Hecate also appears to be willing to sacrifice herself, in order to teach them a lesson, something that in some ways could be viewed as honorable. For example, when ordering her dogs to maul their victims, she can’t control whether the victim will really be mauled or will it be a simple illusion, as that that depends on how strong that person’s mind and soul are. So, if during her punishments one of her daughters ends up dead, Hecate will sacrifice a peace of her soul to restore their physical form before the moment of the attack. It should be noted that Hecate truly does what she thinks is in the best interest of her family, and wouldn’t willingly put her daughters in harm’s way for her own gains. Having this said, while it may be a hard process, Heketa will adapt to changes that vary from her original beliefs if she realizes it means good for her family, or witches in general. Hecate is fairly courageous and responsible, but she can be can be a bit anive and guliable at times as well. She also takes good her of her pet, Komode dragon Demoko, and also uses him to keep an eye on her children and others.

Powers: Hecate, like all other witches, is connected to a certain animal, in her case canines - dogs. She has a large number of shadow canine familiars that appear at her will, with purpose of defending her or attacking on her command. Her familiars don’t seem to be real, physical dogs, but rather however between illusion and reality, being only able to attack those who see them as real. She can also briefly influence other canines that don’t happen to be her familiars. Hecate ca also preform various spells regarding her animal theme, and nowadays she doesn't seem to need a chanting. She did appear to use it when she was younger, and her chant went: ‘hound bites, hound growls, hound bites, blood flows’ She Hecate is also very skilled with standard witch magic, and is known to be able to preform many complex spells, such as Soul Protect and Arithmetic Magic.

Another great power Heketa has is her ability to manipulate time, but this ability is strictly limited and hard to preform. She can preform it using her Sand Clock pendulum, by concentrating while turning it around. During the process, the sand clock shapes within her eyes will also make the same motion. Hecate’s face during this spell is usually stoic, despite it causing her a lot of pain.

Weaknesses: Hecate is a very old witch, close to her end, so it’s natural her powers are starting to slowly fade, as well as her once vicious temper. Even when she was younger, Hecate never possessed any kind of direct combat skills, so she must always rely on her familiars and magic to protect her. Also, while very skillful with magic, doesn't Hecate lacks the knowledge on other fields, and due to her long naps, she can be easily caught off guard with new things that the world introduces.

One of Hekere’s biggest limitations is definitely her unablity to freely use her time-based powers. Preforming said spell, firstly, causes her a great deal of pain, and if preformed successfully, depending on exactly what was restored with the power, it breaks a bit of her sould making even weaker and in some cases directly sends her in a recovery coma. Those ‘naps’ actually help Hecate restore her strength to some degree, but the situation is very often compared to breaking a mirror. If the mirror is broken, it can be pasted back together, but it will never be the same. And if it is broken again, glue will give up and all previously shattered pieces will disconnect again, along with newly broken pieces, making the process of second repairing process much harder then the first. Eventually, mirror won’t be able to be fixed again, and neither will Hecate’s soul, she will die. During her naps, she is guarded by her familiars and her pet, Demoko, but she is still much more fragile then when she’s able to take care of herself. There are more limits to this power of hers, regarding what exactly Hecate is able to bring back to the way it was. For example, if she tries to restore something that is, in some way, already consumed and attached to someone else, she won’t be able to do it. if she is trying to restore a person, but their soul has been devoured, she won’t be able to do it, because that soul has already become a part of the person that devoured it, One way to go around this is killing whoever devoured the soul – or that person dying in any other way.

Personal spells [the ones that are only exclusive to Hecate, or most commonly used by her]:

Dog feast: Summons a large number of her familiars for various purposes, mainly attacking. Her familiars aren't really material things, but instead they however between illusion and reality. Their ability to do actual harm, as well as the degree of harm they do, varies on the mental strength and composure of the person that’s being attacked. If the person manages to persuade themselves that, while they are literally being torn apart, what happening isn't in fact real, they can even end uninjured, or more commonly with just a few wounds. If not… well, you can guess. This is potentially Hecate’s strongest spell, but also the only one that directly varies depending on the person’s strength.

Nightmare feast [madness attack]: A type of non-direct magic. After casting this spell on the victim, it won’t appear to do much harm. However, in the following period, the person will be affected by severe nightmares of getting mauled by dogs, which wil eventually turn into daily illusions, eventually leading to a person’s mental breakdown.

Rabid nightmare: Asides from Hecate directly hexing her victim, this infectious spell can be also carried through her familiars – if she spells them rather then their victims. Then, if you survive her familiars attack with any type of wound, you will be infected by Hecate’s madness, but it won’t be as strong and incurable as if she directly casts the spell on the victim. In turn, this way, she can infect a larger number of victims.

Bearing fangs: A large fangs appear in the air, attacking from above in a biting motion. As already said, persuading yourself that this is ab illusion won’t do any good.

Captive fangs: two large pair of fangs will appear from under the person, biting their legs an holding them in place. Alternatively, same will happen to the person’s arms. Fangs that appear are similar to her Bearing fangs.

Dog guards: Hecate can briefly willingly manipulate other canines in her surroundings to act in a certain way, but this isn't very effective, and only works on short terms. She can also sometimes do so unwillingly, simply by the presence her wavelength.

Time restoration: Already described through-fully.

*There are more powers, but those are the ones most commonly used

Appearences: Hecate appears to be a tall, slender women, with long grey hair and semi-colored eyes. She has a sand lock shaped mark within her eyes, that is of purple color, while the rest of her eye is yellow. Hecate is usually dressed in an elegant attire, that includes a long purple and black dress. She also always wears her witch hat, that has her signature fangs on it, as well as her sand clock pendulum. Hecate has a darker shade of skin color, similar to her daughter Medusa, and her facial features and body shape, as well as eyes, are all somewhat similar to Shaula’s. She appears to be as tall as her oldest daughter, Arachne. Due to her age, Hecate’s face has a little wrinkles and she appears to have bags under her eyes. Hecate has severe scars along her back, dating way back to the time her mother was killed by Shinangami’s forces – but those are rarely revealed.

When she was younger, Hecate greatly resembled her daughter, Shaula, but had a choppier hair with two dog ears styled into it.

Known family: Echidna [cousin], Arachne [daughter], Medusa [daughter], Shaula [Daughter], Hades [grandson], Ares [grandson], Cronus [grandson], Pandora [granddaughter], Hypnos [grandson], Proteus [grandson], Lyra [granddaughter].

Oksie, well, this is my Soul Eater OC, Hecate. I’ve never seen many serious Ocs featuring the Gorgon sister’s mother… and seeing that I’m quite fascinated by the Gorgon sisters already, I just had to create her.

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