6. Spider Picture

I've finaly gotten back to doing the 30 Day Monster Girl Challenge. that I found on tumblr.

This is Day 6, a Spider Girl.

The best example of spider girls from mythology is from Greek and Roman mythology. Arachne (a mortal), insulted the goddess of wisdom and strategy, Athena and was challenged to a contest to weave a tapestry. When Athena saw Arachne's beautiful tapestry of the love and transgressions of the Gods, she went into a jealous rage and slashed both the tapestry and Arachne's face. She then turned her into a spider. This explains how spiders can spin webs.

This is the FIRST full digital painting I've ever done. I've always sketched on paper and scanned/ photographed it to upload and paint after. But this time I did the whole thing digitally. So I'm quite happy with it.

Using GIMP and a touchpad mouse.
3.5 hours.
Loosely inspired by a female black widow spider.
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