Moona the Naga Picture

Moona is a Celestial Entity and the mother of Medusa. The Celestial Entities are, within my story mythology, the creators of the universe and the original half-breeds. Moona represents the various satellites of inhabitated planets, Sola represents the stars, Gaia represents the planets, and Darla represents the space between.

Moona is very powerful, but she's also a pacifist, preffering to stay out of conflict. She is very kind but when driven far enough can deliver SCATHINGLY powerful retorts. Unlike her descendants, she feeds upon a substance called Celestial Ichor, a silvery liquid that functions as her blood. The same is true for the others.

She is married to Sola, the Celestial Entity arachnaga, and treats all nagas and arachnagas as her children. Even Arachne.

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