Spider Queen Picture

This will be my 11th piece for Bluewater Comics and will appear as a pin-up in an upcoming issue of Vincent Price Presents.

I was given free reign with this piece, so I decided to make another ghastly female antagonist, following my completion of the Zombie Queen for Jaded Publishing:

I based this creation, the Spider Queen, on the Greek mythological character of Arachné, who was such a fine weaver that she bragged she was better than Minerva, the goddess of wisdom and war. Of course, bragging about being greater than a goddess at anything will only get you into trouble. For her offense, Arachné was turned into a half-spider, half-woman demon. The color scheme is also based on the myth as Arachné was known to spin wool of Tyrian (or royal) purple.

I hope you dig it!

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