Stone Cold Snow White Picture

rubs my butt on my tablet and calls it art

chara: Thalio Lima
titty: "Stone Cold" Snow White
age: 8
series: Soul Eater
words: cold, white
desciripgtion: A young noble who is quite fond of all sorts of fairy tales. Oddly, though his heart is warm, his body is almost as cold as the first snow of Winter.

( i'm pretty sure this Snow White idea is similar to what previous Tricore events were, which I didn't realize until just n o w;;;; i don't think i understood the design criteria o-|-< )

man oh man i looove Soul Eater's style; it was one of the first animes I ever watched and I had like the biggest boner for the crazy spirals and curls and designs in the show (n..ot so much the manga). One of my favorite things about Soul Eater was its reinterpretation of classic mythological/fairy tale characters like Medusa or Dr. Frankenstein or Arachne or Baba Yaga, etc. I wish there were more fairy tale characters in it, especially Snow White, which is my favorite fairy tail uwuuu

also gomen for unquality and lateness i've spent all week designing for irl projects u-u;;
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