The Punishment of Kolo Picture

Many, many years ago, there lived a great horse named Kolo, who was the fastest creature in the world. So fast was he, in fact, that the spirit of the wind himself, Forflugi, envied his speed, and decided that he should have Kolo as his charger. But the horse was arrogant, and told Forflugi that only Ellerni --the king of the sun, and Forflugi's older brother-- was fit to ride upon his back.

The wind spirit, angered at the conceited animal's refusal, banished him to a minuscule island in the Great Ice Sea, where Kolo had barely enough room to turn around, let alone run. There was only enough land to support the horse's feet, with a thin smattering of grass to keep his hooves from slipping from the icy platform. When his captive was suitably bound, Forflugi set up an invisible barrier, so that no one could go near the horse. Satisfied with his work, the wind left Kolo by himself.

Ellerni heard of Kolo's trials, and, flattered that the horse had wished to serve him over his younger brother, decided to help ease the animal's suffering. He wasn't able to free Kolo, but he caused a small cluster of grass-covered islands to rise from the frigid waters around the edge of the unseen barrier, and made Kolo's neck grow long enough to reach the plants, so that he at least could eat. Ellerni also gave Kolo the ability to sleep standing up, so that he would be able to rest. The islands, of course, would one day become our beloved atoll of Malvarma...

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