How Ao lost Mid Picture


Ugh... I really suck at photoshop (and drawing dragons), this took way longer than any picture of this quality ever should (somewhere between 6-10 hours, I'm not kidding) If any of you know some "shortcuts" for Photoshop, please share.

A little comic I made for SMITE, joke speaks for itself, I am aware the ingame model of Arachne actually has a bustier under her hair, I think it's funnier this way. Somewhat based on a true story of my first encounter with Arachne (who I now main) when I was Ao Kuang, I just thought this made a more interesting story.

Bastet is in the last panel, she's referring to the new patch that upped the gold cost of Hand of the Gods and Warrior Tabi, making jungling almost impossible unless you're Bakasura. I have no idea what alcohol they're drinking, I just colored in something that looked Alcohol-ish.
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