TMNT_Switching Genders Picture

This was something I'd been thinking about doing since I did the Fandom Couple Meme. Venus and Ed gender bending! These two were especially inspired by ~dr-innocentchil's gender bendered form of the guys [link] . I also kind of adopted her idea of naming them after characters in greek mythology. Besides, I love greek mythology. Here they are:
Venus=Apollo(God of light, music, and healing)
Edward=Arachne (Skilled weaver who Athena turned into a spider)

You'll notice a slight color change in their masks. I made Apollo's bandana a more brilliant shade of turquoise and Arachne's a lighter and softer shade of grey. I was going to give Arachne a sort of hair accessory for her bandana like a lotus hair clip or something but forgot to put it in before I inked the pic. Expect to see these two or at least Arachne later. I have plans for her
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