Children of the Gods Picture

My homework assignment for Classics. I should NOT be allowed to mix and match colors, haha!
Characters from left to right: Daphne and Apollo, Athena and Arachne
Story of Daphne and Apollo: Eros, out of anger at Apollo, struck him with an arrow that caused him to fall in love with the nymph Daphne. But Daphne was struck with an arrow that caused flight and made her lose any interest in men. Apollo chased after Daphne in lust, but seeing as how she was struck with the arrow for flight she ran away from Apollo, trying to preserve her virginity. Eventually when Apollo was catching out she cried out her the Gods to save her and they turned her into a Laurel tree, and that's why the laurel is a symbol of Apollo.
Story of Athena and Arachne: Arachne boasted that she could beat Athena in a weaving contest so they competed against one another. Athena wove stories about what happens to humans who challenged the Gods and Goddesses while Arachne wove stories about the corruption of divine beings. When Arachne lost the contest, she attempted to commit suicide and so Athena turned her into a spider to represent how she could weave beautiful things but was an ugly creature
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