Spider Metamorphosis Picture

Here's to contest entries drawn just a few hours before the deadline. I'll never be able to educate myself and make myself actually work on things to have them ready in time. OTL

Anyway, for the Mythical Creatures T-Shirt Design Challenge; this is inspired by both Arachne from Greek mythology and Jorōgumo from Japanese folklore - basically a woman transformed into a spider / a spider that can take the form of a woman / et cetera. Pencil sketch inked with a 0.05 ink pen, adjusted in Photoshop; it covers one print area and uses two colors, so it should be within the rules, I hope. If you by any god forsaken chance actually like this design, then come back tomorrow and vote for it, there'll be a "I Want This!" button or something like that.

Finished on this lovely tune. Going to drink more coffee now, yay. (--_--)

View the design on its own here.
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