She will weave endlessly Picture

For KingdomOfSwedens contest: mythology

I was so happy that I managed to draw the picture in time. It was probably one of the greatest pictures I've done so far and I'm proud of it. What I've portrait of this Greek mythology; it’s when Athena curse Arachne because of her vanity and insults. The goddess of wisdom use Hecate’s potion to transforms the little human in to a spider and the rest of the picture shows her painful transformation.

The Story:
In a small town in Ledia, in northern Greece, where once lived a beautiful maid named Arachne. Arachne was known in town for being a very skilled weaver and spinner. However, Arachne was a vain girl and bragged about her talent. She claimed that she had learned the skill all by herself and that there was no one else in the world who could weave as fine as her. When Athena heard these words, she was disappointed and decided to disguise as an old lady and appear in front of Arachne.
"My dear", she told Arachne, "I am old and have much experience from life, so let me give you one advice: don’t ever mess up with a goddess! No mortal can compete against Athena. Take back your words and kindly ask for forgiveness."Arachne got furious and said: "I do not need your advice; I know best what I can do! If Athena really dare, then she would come here and compete against me!"
At that moment, the old woman turned herself into the radiant goddess Athena. The goddess challenged Arachne - the one that weave the most beautiful fabric. Athena’s fabric was very beautiful but when she saw the Arachne result, she became furious. Arachne weaving was showing scenes of all gods’ evil deeds they have done to humans - such as all Zeus rapes.
"You can be stupid and stubborn, but you seem to love your work. So why not go ahead and weave forever!" Athena said
Immediately, Athena sprinkled Arachne with the Hecate’s potion and the body of Arachne turned into a small and ugly animal, which is now known as the spider. The spider is cursed to become trapped inside her own web, weaving constantly and endlessly...

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