Mythology Picture

"Do a have to read the whole book or just a portion of it?" - Kyle
"Well... READ THE BOOK!" - Me

So yesterday Jordan and I were arguing about how he always calls me Arachne (We've decide he was Nico, Harrison is Clovis, and I'm undecided, though some call me Annabeth due to my arachnophobia and the fact that I love saying random facts and correcting peoples' grammar mistakes). We were sitting in our seats (the order is me, Jordan, Kyle, Etc.) talking about that, then Kyle says "Who's Arachne?" I put my arm around him and show him my Greek Mythology book and say "Well Kyle, here's your first lesson on Greek Mythology!" and he starts laughing.


Jordan: The guy who claims he hates me yet he won't stop talking to me. Our math teacher, Mrs Dunlap, called up kindered spirits. 0_o

Kyle: My awesome friend with a great sense of humor, the guy who's tutoring me, the guy who has the locker above mine and always drops things on me, and the guy I have a bit of a crush on. ;u;

Harrison: My friend who thinks he can draw but he can't, and the guy who I lost a bet to.

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