Arachne II pack Picture

my mum got a strange curtain, consisting only of strands.... first thing I had to think of was the story of Arachne and then that it would be a nice shooting... in case you don't know Arachne's story: she was a greek woman who was a great weaver, the best actually but the godess Athena wasn't too happy about it because the human woman was even better than her - so she transformed Arachne into a spider...
I know the pic's a bit dark and reddish and hard to cut out, but I'd rather thought of drawing reference than of manips - sorry

there are 4 full body packs and 4 portrait packs to come

the single images of this pack you can find here (upper left to lower right corner):
ArachneII 1 [link]
ArachneII 2 [link]
ArachneII 3 [link]
ArachneII 4 [link]
ArachneII 5 [link]
ArachneII 6 [link]
ArachneII 7 [link]
ArachneII 8 [link]
ArachneII 9 [link]
ArachneII 10 [link]
ArachneII 11 [link]
ArachneII 12 [link]
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