Minerva and Arachne Picture

This is the story of Minerva/Athena and Arachne (Minerva because this is a Roman myth, not Greek). Basically, Arachne claims that she is better at weaving than the goddess Minerva, so Minerva challenges her to a contest. Both works are amazing, equal in beauty. Minerva weaves of her triumph over Poseidon in the fight for Athens, while Arachne weaves twenty-one failings of the gods. Offended and angered, Minerva shreds the cloth and strikes Arachne over the head with her staff and turns her into a spider.

In an alternate version, Arachne hangs herself with her shame and Athena takes pity upon her and turns her into a spider.

This was done for Art History I...because I have no time to do any other art, apparently...
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