Arachne Picture

Oww... my hand hurts... anyways, this one was inspired by my love to greeck mythology and Boris Vallejo. I was inspired by his picture, web. He is amazing! Go to see him now!!!!!
Anyways, who is Arachne? Well, Aeachne was gifted with the gift of weaving. Her works so beautifull that even nimfs came to observe her magic. Some said that she must have been gited by Athena herself (Athena was the godess of wisdom, astrategical war and,as strange as it is a ptroness of weaving).Arachne didn't liked that and said that not even Athena could be good as her (maygor hibriss here But Athena was angered by the chalange and by the scenes on Arachne's tapestry (who wouldn't, it was her father after all) so she tore the tapestry and ruined the loom. And then she tuched Arachne's head so she could feel the full concecvenses of her deed. Arachne felt ashames, but aless, it was to strong for her mortal mind and she hanged herself. Athena took a pity of her and retorned her back t life. But in spider form so dhe and her descendants to forever hung from threads and be a great weavers.
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