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The whole discussion was brought on by talking about the "Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde" musical, movie and book.

For those of you who don't know, "Oedipus Rex" (translates as "King Oedipus") is a famous antique greek play based around the character of Oedipus. It's a tragedy that's part of a three-play thing. The first play speaks of Oedipus and his rotten life (Was sent away because of a prophecy, killed his dad, became kind, banged his mom, learned about it after having a few kids, and poked his eyes out. He's also the hero who beated the Sphinx). The two other plays are about how his rotten life expands to his descendants (poor, poor Antigone). Because greek tragedies are fun and gruesome that way. They like to inflict multi-generational torture.

Kinda reminds me, when I was a kid, I had a book with greek myths inside. They did have Oedipus, but the tale was ONLY about how he beat the Sphinx's riddle. They removed all the icky content. You know... for kids!

Re-reading greek myths though... I honestly have to say almost all the male heroes are mean. "Cupid and Psyche" is one of the only myths featuring a)a chick that kicks butt and b) a male lead who isn't a jerk.

Oh well. At least it still gives me wacky inspiration.

Jocasta totally gets a solo.
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