Onur (OC Ref) Picture

"Now, I reckon ya'll know what this skidaddle is about now, 'cus I'm not waiting on yeh little behinds to lickity split on me."

Name: Onur Temis
Full Name: Onur Ridgewell Temis
Birthdate: September 2nd
Age: 36
Height: 5'11''
Weight: 127 lbs.
Bloodtype: B
Current Residence: Hawthorne Forest, New Albany (formerly from Antaeus Glacier)
Current Drive: Beck and Call (Pikmin series)
Species: Human
Race: Indian, Austrailian & British descent
Attacks with: His whistle (used to call forth animals at his call) [Primary], punches [Secondary]
Likes: nature, deer, gummy worms, hiking, root beer, animals, playing around with morse code, biology, zooology, mythology, scary stuff, country/adventurous/calm music, extraterrestrial things
Dislikes: trash, chocolate, anything illogical, having no beard, mechanical stuff, sleeping in, off-tune music, everything involving dead stuff, arrogance
Strengths: fearless, unhazed by magic, strong on foresty/ plain areas
Weaknesses: lazy, weak on urban areas, viewed as unreliable

Color Palette:
1. Default
2. Louie (Pikmin 2)
3. Michael (Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness)
4. Ice King (Adventure Time)
5. Dandy (Space Dandy)
6. Loid (Mother)


A citizen who rests up on the northern woods of Hawthorne Forest which are usually cloudy and cold, Onur is one of the few who live upon that cold climate. A man who respects the world with his own well being, he is mindfully sharp and has good insticnt--being provided with a vast knowledge of wildlife and nature alone. He's on top priority all over the forest, but despite the high need for help all over the island, he rightfully lazy often dozing off or walking around nearby his house. He'll work his butt off when there's a good threat coming along so he's not downright lazy. He has a straight face where ever he goes and is good at keeping lies at bay, but he only does this if he knows it's not a huge deal.

He's very keen towards friends, although he has a good lack of friends around him, makig him sort of unsocial and awkward. He has a good lack of knowledge towards technology as well. Onur is known to have a sleep disorder (insomnia) due to a work shift back then that caused him to be up for countless days without sleep, but because of this event his friend who used to live with him Onur has developed a fearless attituide, making him more adept to night situations than before this event. Despite his lack of sleep and social interaction with the outdoors, he's had a good connection with the wildlife there is in the island, which help with his attacks. To summon the wildlife, he simply blows his whistle that is on a necklace.

Onur moved all the way from Antaeus Glacier to New Albany due to certain conditions that made him move. It was speculated that he had moved from his home town to here was due to a problematic issue with his family--which was often poor and had no more money to renovate the house, to which Onur abandoned his family to live a simpler life without issues of economic stress. There was also another reason that he had moved because of a hardship with his girlfriends he had been dating with for years, possibly to not get in her way of relationship with other person. Onur never really explains how he got from there to New Albany, mainly because each person he tells it to is a different version of the last one. So, it's hard to confirm anything he says.

While he is a man that has no real way of explaining himself or just being talkative with others, he's stands usually quiet when he's with others. It's a common trait of his, but he's not one to not make friends. He's easy to get along with, even with his weird accent and lingo, to be good pals with. Just be sure not to mess with him, that whistle of his is his beck and call for help. His backup is quite interesting...and sometimes fierce and feral.

Onur, TCW (C) Me
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