Heroes of Fenikso Valley -Part 1, I guess- Picture

I was bored as hell today so why not draw the main and secondary (good) guys together (and I like how this turned out with the excetion of Nyra she's too high so I want to continue this as I make more OC's along the way for my series.)

I have included the following OC's:
Mark (now with a more shaggy haircut he now has upgraded to that haircut), Amy, Roy, Plague, Exa, Mr. Rosho & Nyra (as they appear from left to right)

So, a little story behind the flag:

The Cartridge Warriors's main setting is set on the island of New Albany, which is an southeastern island close to the border of the mainland continent of Fenikso Valley (Fenkiso means Phoenix in I forgot what language that is but whatever so this means Phoenix Valley), one of the four major continents of the 64 Allied Nations. The other three continents are Anteaus Glacier (Onur's homeland), Nessus Plains (Mizuki's homeland), and Automaton Fields (???'s homeland). Basically all four of these continents are allied together to protect themselves and other lands from harm that is practically a major threat to all of them.

Their homeland mottos:
Fenikso Valley, Home of the Risen Ashes
Antaeus Glacier, Home of the Restless and Daring
Nessus Plains, Home of the Blood-born Warriors
Automaton Fields, Home of the Thinking Mind

Fenikso Valley/ Red or Orange
Antaeus Glacier/ Blue or Cyan
Nessus Plains/ Yellow or Mustard
Automaton Fields / Green or Leaf Green

Now let me get back to writing Chapter 4.5, son.

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