Alux Picture

This guy is essentially my equivalent, power-wise, to Superman.

In the Andromeda galaxy lies the home planet of the Nayoti, Cirutey. While the race itself is nomadic by nature, there were several outpost on nearby planets and moons. On Cirutey, lies the majority of the Nayoti population. Among this population was Lao of the Royal House of Kyie. While a prosperous and gentle race, other species were jealous of their abilities. Among these species was the Hoiop. Finally, the Hoiop mounted an assault and attacked the main Nayoti home world, destroying 70% of the Nayoti population. Before the destruction of their home world, the royal children of Nayoti were placed into escape pods supposed to carry them to one of the outpost planets nearby but the pods were damaged by Hoiop battle ships which caused them to go off course. Lao’s pod eventually made its way to Earth and crash-landed. He was found and formally adopted by Locum. He now serves proudly with his adopted Earthen family.

Lao of the House of Kyie is somewhat possessive of his things, considering all that he had of his original life has since been destroyed. To this end, he is very possessive of his friends and thinks others that want to be their friends is trying to steal them for him. In other words, Lao doesn’t want to be alone. He doesn’t want to become an orphan for a second time. He does care deeply for his ‘family’ but is very selfish when it comes to spending time with them.

Nayoti Physiology:

· Elasticity/Shapeshifting: Nayoti bodies are elastic to an extent that is impossible for the human mind to grasp. They can stretch, twist, shape, form, and flex their bodies into amazing shapes and sizes. They can inflate themselves to the likeness of a bouncy ball, grow to gigantic heights, or really anything.

· Psionic Abilities: In addition to master shapeshifters, Nayoti are also powerful psionics. If an average Nayoti were to give their entire psionic power manifestation, it would be the size and power of a star.

o Telepathy: Can read the thoughts and emotions of others within a 10 mile radius.

o Telekinesis: Can use their minds to move objects. Average ones can use their minds to lift/press about 50 tons.

o Energy Blasts: Can harness raw psychic energy in the form of energy blasts. This is very painful and can cause a feeling like that of acid being poured into one’s skull.

· Superhuman Strength: An average Nayoti can lift/press about 50 tons.

· Flight: Using their telekinetic abilities, Nayoti can move themselves at speeds that can reach supersonic.

· Regeneration: Nayoti can heal from almost energy although they cannot heal from a fatal blow disintegrating over half their bodies.

· Transformation: All Nayoti can assume three forms that they use throughout their lives. Normally, this is only three forms: attack, flight, and defense. There can be more forms they can attain but this is through much hard work and discipline.

The only weaknesses that the Nayoti have are that electro-magnetic pulses can temporarily shut off Nayoti’s nervous system, killing them.

Alux’s codename comes from a mythological trickster from Mayan myth.

This is the form that Lao mainly appears in.

Alux's Attack Form: (…)

Alux's Defensive Form: (…)

Alux's Speed Form: (…)

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