The City in the Dark (2010 - final confrontation) Picture

Regardless of the merits of the rest of the film, almost everyone agreed that the final confrontation between Maria and her cyborg replacement (both played by Calais Lilith) was ample payoff. The production company clearly put a great deal of time and effort into that scene, as well as probably fifty percent of the special effects budget (which didn't rescue it from occasionally looking a bit low-rent).

When interviewed about the ending of the film, Calais Lilith laughed a very long time. "Oh, my goodness, that scene was such a spectacular, glorious mess to film. We filmed out of order, and that was first, because everyone knew it would be gruesome to get through, so they wanted to get it out of the way. It was a little tricky for me because I didn't entirely have a feel for the characters and the difference between them yet. Anyway, in the story, Hachiro's father, the leader of the upper city, who built the android, has decided that the perfect way to take control of the city without being seen to do so is to have his son marry the android. But she needs to look a little more human; at that point, everyone thinks she's me, but so badly injured in a factory explosion that I had to have parts replaced, even my skin, with cybernetics. So they decide that putting something like hair on her will work, only it's this sort of energy cell that pulls energy from light and ... I don't know. What I do know is that even though the 'hair' was fairly lightweight, it was incredibly bulky and hard to manage. The only way I was able to handle it at all was because they built up and reinforced the collar so that it held most of the weight. And even then, every day through the end of this scene, everything from the shoulders up hurt. Plus there was that wig I had to wear as the human person, and that wasn't terribly light, and was just as much of a pain to wrangle as the other. And then there's the fun of doing this big effects-heavy fight with yourself, and doing wire work because the android could levitate, and working on a green screen set that's mostly not really there. Don't get me wrong; I wouldn't pick another line of work. But days like those do test that commitment.

"Anyway, the idea behind that last scene is that I'd lost my memory in the factory explosion, back near the start, and wandered off into some poorer corner of the undercity. They took care of me until I got my memory back, and then I came back to reclaim my life, and was understandably terribly startled to discover that I was getting married and that there was another me.

"What always amuses me is that people who see stills from that out of context always assume that Maria and the android are battling over Their Man. And of course, we're not! Maria doesn't even know him; she met him once just before the factory explosion! She just wants her life back, and she wants better lives for the people in the undercity. The android has been programmed to be Maria, or a version of her, and has to follow her programming to keep that. And so they fight!"

-- I. Noah Lott, professor of current history, comparative and modern mythology and modern media studies, Serenity Falls University,"The City in the Dark: Spyglass View and the tentpole movie," Hollywood Roars, book 2: the story of one little studio and how it couldn't before it could.

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Another PlatClub image. Really, one shouldn't do sequels for that sort of thing, but I couldn't resist. And Calais (by AprilYSH) does actually get to wear Calais Hair, for once. Set is GIS Skyway and Expansion, with Andromeda texture; Calais the Human is wearing MEC4D's Apocalypsa, with Valandar's Force Field G2F around her. Calais the Android has Cyber Hair by Midnight Stories (from RDNA, I think) and GIS Empress clothing. And in the background, Hachiro for Lee 6, with GIS Emperor.
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