Valerie Alexandria LeStrange Picture

This is a rough picture of me as my HP OC, Valerie Alexandria LeStrange. Better versions of my OC coming soon. Here is the description:

Name: Valerie Sapphire LeStrange

Age: 14 (4th Year)

House: Slytherin

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'9" with pale skin. Long, curly, burgundy hair (Down to the small of her back). Vibrant green eyes that look almost neon in dim light. Thin, but somewhat toned. Usually wears black eyeliner and mascara, giving her an intimidating look towards others who question her.

Personality: Usually secluded. Loves choir class. Very intelligent, favorite class is Charms, but favorite teacher is Trelawny. Very selective when it comes to friends. Loves to scheme and prank. Also loves big words, like ambidextrous, and the spells Confringo and Legilimens. Very Sarcastic.

Quirks/Noticeable traits: Has a habit of levitating her quill and drawing with it, day-dreaming, or humming when she is bored. Loves to read the spell books handed down to her from her sister.

Other: Is the great-niece of Bellatrix LeStrange by marriage(through her fathers side). Very perceptive and knowledgeable. Patronus is still developing. Likes to wander through the forbidden forest at night for the thrill. Has a black and silver pet owl named Andromeda (because of her love for Astronomy and Greek Mythology).

Friends: Very few. Most from Slytherin and Ravenclaw. None from Hufflepuff. A few from Gryffindor. One sister in Gryffindor (Annabella Marie LeStrange)

Blood Purity: Pure-Blood

Talents: Expert at Confringo, Incendio, and Legilimens.

Wand: 14 1/4 inch Ash, Dragon Heartstring Core
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