The Colors Of Ilana Rayana Picture

Here's Celeste's mother and the highest being in the Andromeda Mythology line. She's the Goddess of the Burning Star that surrounds the whole galaxy and she was the Guardian of Tarantu. She loves to celebrate peace but tries to stay out of the diplomatic relations of the common people unlike her daughter. She highly opposed her idea of descending from Seishin Ra to help the couple since she knew that her daughter gets easily attached to the people she meets.

She highly opposed of her daughter marrying the new Galalunian king since it was their ancestors that banished their people out of the planet to Tarantu. But she was still touched by her daughter's honor of naming her granddaughter after her and combing her hair the same way. She was shocked that the child looked just like her, just a pale version with Celeste's blonde hair. When Celeste begged to save her husband from the Shadowlands, she was reluctant to let her go until one of the other guardians went with her. She was also not quick to let him in their way of life until he attempt and completed ten feats to prove that he is actually a good person. After letting him in, she grew fond of him and actually liked him being there. A year later, her second granddaughter was born and she wanted to name her Lucille, but Celeste named her Alana Lucille so she calls her "Lucy". Well, that's her in a nutshell. Enjoy!
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