Fantroll - Serphe Xanade Picture

So against my better judgment, I decided to make a fantroll...And hoo boy, is she a doozy.

She's based half off of the constellation Andromeda and half off of the mythology surrounding the Ouroboros, pertaining both to her snake theme and the cycle of reincarnation.


Your name is SERPHE XANADE.

Your are partial to POETRY, GOTHIC LITERATURE, and NOT MUCH ELSE. You are possessed of a VERY LARGE VOCABULARY, which you wield like a sock full of batteries. Others describe you as UNAPPEALING and VITRIOLIC and tend to avoid you, as you have the nasty habit of LASHING OUT without warning.

You have a particular HATRED for most LIVING CREATURES, particularly HUMANS and LOWBLOODS.

Your trolltag is serpentineSupervisor. you type in all lowercassse, and ssspeak sssuccinctly with a sssignificant lexicon of wordsss.

Additional Info -

Blood Color: Sky blue (Placing her neatly between Vriska and Terezi)

Lusus: Giant snake that constantly tries to eat its own tail

Fetch Modus: Large hardcover book

Strife Specibi: rapierKind

Sburb Title: Knight of Rage


(Oh gog Jess I hope you're not mad at me for using the snake theme/hiss quirk too. D: I didn't mean to copy you please don't hit me.)
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