N/A, Hina, and Arduinna Picture

The full size of this picture is 1920x1080.

These three are the characters from their respective visual novels which I like the character designs of the most.
N/A, the girl on the left, is from φ-âge's game "Pico Pico".
Onda Hina, in the middle, is from âge's game "AyuMayu Alternative" (the Unl/Alt-universe version of "Critical Moment! Daikuuji").
And Arduinna is from φ-âge's game "Shapeshifter". By the way, it took me a long time to figure out her name when I first played that game. Goodness. As far as I can tell, there's no relation to the mythological Arduinna.

I cant really say much about them without some spoilers creeping in, so that's where I'll leave it!

Despite the fact I give Critical Moment! Daikuuji a hard time in some of my previous talks about it, it really isn't that bad. Both it and AyuMayu Alt are parodies of Saint Seiya (heck, the main character is a carbon copy of Andromeda Shun). And, despite not being anywhere close to the level of story-telling-wonder that KimiIta, Kiminozo, or Muv Luv are, both Critical Moment and AyuMayu Alt are worth getting. The characters are fun and likeable (mostly), and the parody itself is really enjoyable.

Pico Pico and Shapeshifter are φ-âge's only games that dont take place in âge's KimiIta universe. φ-âge's other game, Owarinaki Natsu, takes place in the Muv Luv Unlimited timeline, which was an interesting surprise back when they hinted at the BETA coming into Japan in that story. That was neat.
But Pico Pico and Shapeshifter are their own entities, both with similar plot backdrops: Super-powered ladies in a rather dire fight that regular blokes get dragged into. They're both really good, but Shapeshifter is by far my favourite φ-âge title. I'd say Shapeshifter is probably in my top 20 favourite VNs.

The floral designs in the corners are from a brush back by the people at celestial-star. The one across the top is found here: Brush Pack-Horizontal Dividers
Fantastic brush pack, that horizontal dividers one is. I am in awe at how people can make designs like that.

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