Like a Spring Morning... Picture

"So fair. So cold...
Like a Sping morning that stil clings Winter´s chill... "

Faramir, referring to Éowyn( in: "The Return of the King", third book from LOTR trilogy )

Actually, I´m merely giving a fanartistic take on one of Mrs. Faust´s characters, "Mother Earth" - since this one drawing above is NOT an official take, neither I would ever demand( ! )it "should be". I´m just a fanartist drawing over some characters I went to love, but that I still wish to keep true respect to their original author, even into those fan renderings - in fact, I do fanart and propose fanfictional exactly because I´d truly wish to see more about them coming, canon or fan art/fictional alike, and I just can´t wait for.
I plead forgiveness for my boldly impatience, because I wish no harm, either...


Actually, "Mother Earth" is Mrs. Faust´s alias in her website( [link] ), but, once she told us that she planned to figure an actual character with that name, performing the role of an older confident to the other girls - I must say that I LOVED that proposal, so I drawn some fanart about it, though I was still clinging to my own drawing style, which is quite( in fact, mine´s clumsy )different than hers; so, I needed to do some extra effort to get the drawing style closer( though it not enough yet )to that, since the new "design", as above; afterall, I still want to draw new fanart about her interacting with the other characters too, so I would need something like that.
Actually, for that purpose, I imagined her like being the former girls´ teacher, when they were still children; but Jupiter was one of the eldest studets of her( which cold develop a special bondship - like that should be passed away, I guess( I think that she and Jupiter could relate like that ); in fact, I have some drawn fanart( not scanned yet )depicting that - however, even if she "would" be their former teacher, it woudn imply that she should disappear - it passed jsut ten years, anyway, from their childhood( the girls seem to be in their middle teens now )to the present time, so she should be another releavant character( I guess that she would be Andromeda's now ).

Maybe, that'd be more like a... chain, beggining with Gaia/Mother Earth, then linking to Jupiter, and, later, to be passed away to someone else( Milky Way, I guess ), by some other way; I guess that it would meant that there somthing implied to pass it on... though I´m still aware that it sounds perfunctory at a first sight - but I love to try things about a message to be passed on, and to deal with mythology and symboles, too.

That is fanfictional, still, and non-canonical, since I still don´t know how she would depict the character, or among other character interaction indeed; but I told you that I´m impatient, when it concerns about things I went to love - also, I could try again to depict "Mother Earth"( "Gaia" for fanfictional )as in sort of a cartoon likeliness of Mrs. Faust... but I fear to it come up being misunderstood as a charicature of herself, a thing that I wouldn´t intend at all, of course - so, I gave up about that take and toke a new direction, referring to other cartoon and manga influences instead.
I could tell about those influences, eventually.

So, there´s some relevant characteristics:

Her dress is deep blue( like the night )with souder detail in daylight sky blue, or white, with pale blue shading;
Her hair is silvery white( recalling for clouds´s color )
Her eyes( though the Asian look, that is intentional too )are bright green, which recalls for forests and fields alike;
Her skin is tanned in a darker hue - I particularly find extremely beautiful the combination of that tone of skin and green eyes, IMHO . But I chosen that I wanted to represent all the distinct Peoples from Earth on her; so, since she'd had some other physical traits from some other ethnicities( because I truly despise the word "race", too ), I found interesting that she could have that one in special, for her - even the Green for the Forests. Because brown is ground's color, and that could be interesting to match with all the other "Sky" and "Water" in her attire( like she could subsume it either by body and attire ).
All those traits( body and attire ones )altogether then - so subsuming as "Earth" herself...

She´s wearing jewelry made from silver and crystal, to represent water, source of Life, and she also wears a bracelet which also is made of crystals, all shaped as raindrops( or crystallized raindrops, either - I don´t shame to put some little magic in )

Hope you can like that!
Thank you for visiting^^

"Milky Way and the Galaxy Girls" characters( Jupiter, Mother Earth )were created by Lauren Faust

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