fwP - Spica Picture

Full Name: Spica Elnath Andromeda
Real Name: Shihou Houseki 「宝石 詩鵬」
Age: 19
Race: Vate
Birthplace: Hebron, Phoenicia
Height: 167 cm (5' 6")
Weight: 58 kg (128 lbs)
Birthdate: 19th September
Blood Type: AB
Theme Song: Fake Jewel (Yuki Kajiura, Le Portrait de Petit Cossette)
Image Song: Houseki (Inoue Marina, Le Portrait de Petit Cossette)
Like: Cheese cake
Dislike: Things with tentacles
Element: Blight (Aeon)
Arcana: High Priestess
Weapon: Rapier
Weapon Name: Ramiel
Class: Rune Defender

Mother / Honami
Other relatives are unknown.

Spica was happy-go-round girl with no sign of worries even when in deepest trouble. When she entered the knighthood of Jarmuth, she had been underestimated by her comrade. However, her sword play was unmatched, even among her seniors. She gained her rank quickly through battles and her tactical intelligence. By nature, she was born as a fighter, not as a scholar. She was, well... not smart in things other than battle. Being both genious and foolish at the same time, she gained numerous fans on the knighthood. Shihou changed her name to Spica Andromeda before she entered the service. The name "Spica" was taken from the star of Virgo (which is her zodiac) and "Andromeda" was taken from her favorite mythology.

Elferris Set: Her Jarmuth knight uniform. She was supposed to wear the mails Eisen Kreuz outfit beneath the armor, not a mail.
Formal Uniform: A formal outfit that she wore if she walks around the Jarmuth Citadel.
Rose Blossom: The dress she wore when she had a date with Sauron.
EisenKreuz: Training outfit. The clothes supposed to be white with blue lining instead of blue with white lining.
Nurse: Prototype outfit for her costume in 3rd chronicle. This outfit is non-canon.
Campaign Girl: Non-canon outfit based on campaign girls I've met on malls
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