Be the insane murderer princess. Picture

===> You are now the insane murderer princess.

Your name is CADXIA MOROSS. You were chosen by the DARK ONES to CLEANSE THE FACE OF TROLL KIND. How do you do this, you ask? You EAT THE FLESH OF ALL THE WORTHLESS LOWBLOODS YOU KILL. Not sure why, you just do. You don't have many interests of your own, you have dedicated your ENTIRE LIFE to your cause of WIPING OUT ALL LOWBLOODS. You do have a fondness for EARTH-COW-CREATURES, a species of mythological creature from a far away land. You also enjoy TAPIOCA PUDDING, boxes of which OCCASIONALLY WASH UP ON THE SHORE BY YOUR HIVE. Someday, when the rule becomes yours, you will have a CLEANER, BETTER race to rule over.
Name: Cadxia Moross (Cad-shee-ah More-oss)
Age: 6 Sweeps
Screen Name: cthuluChild
Typing style: Smilies have ~(: represtenting the tentacles of your lusus
Zodiac Sign: Andromeda ("The Princess")
Strife Specibi: Spikeyshoeskind
Relations: Pixiel Drellux- Kismesis/Zenkia Linnix- Best friend
Planet: Land of Desert and Insomnia
Blood Colour: Fushia
Lusus: Cthuludad

Credit to all the base people and shit I used to make this. I used Jane's body and Nepeta's hair, Terezi's mouth and Vriska(?)'s eyes.

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